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Body’s Emotion
Policies and Student Agreement

Private Lessons, Group Classes & Outings

Private Lessons
Private lessons are scheduled in advance and by appointment. The duration of lessons before 6pm will be scheduled in one hour time slots, with a 50 minute teaching time and a 10 minute turnover time. All lessons scheduled at 6pm, or later, will be scheduled in a 45 minute time slot, with a 40 minute teaching time and 5 minute turnover. If a teacher is late to the appointment, the time will be made up, either by taking the lesson the full duration or make it up on another appointment, free of charge. In the event of a student being late, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time and the lost time will not be made up but will be charged as a full lesson.  


Just like any other studio, we have multiple teachers and at times will be teaching multiple classes and private lessons at the same time. Due to that, we cannot guarantee a private room for private lessons. While social dancing, you will be surrounded by others, so it is part of your training to be able to learn in an environment that has other dancers around you.   

We reserve the right to charge a student for a lesson, if the lesson is canceled within 24 hours of the appointment. If you are student that pays as they go, you may be required to pay for a missed lesson that was not canceled within the 24 hour time frame before you can continue with further lessons, and/or you may be required to pay for future lessons in advance.


At Body's Emotion we aim to accommodate you the best we can, in order to help with time management, we offer weekly standing appointments, so you can have your lesson at the same time every week. We consider all private lessons after 5pm to be primetime slots, if you have a standing appointment during this time and you make a habit of canceling primetime lessons, you will lose that time slot.

Group Classes
Our group class schedule can be obtained by going to bodysemotion.com or by getting a printed copy from a Body’s Emotion staff member. The content of the class is determined solely by the teacher, and the teacher has the right to change the dance and level of the class. We aim to start on time, if you are late, the teacher is not required to back track and repeat information, that you may have lost, so please be on time.  

Outings & Parties

We regularly accompany our students to various social dance events around town, and will host in house dance parties. Body’s Emotion is not responsible for any injuries that occur during any Body’s Emotion sanctioned event or class. It is your responsibility to dance at your level and to take care of your partner.



Schedule of Payments

Private Lessons
All private lesson packages must be paid on the last lesson of the previous package, not doing so may result in losing your standing appointment time slot.

Group Class Monthly Memberships
Memberships, are due monthly, the date of payment will coincide with the day of the month you began taking classes. The amount of the payment is set forth in the attached fee schedule that may be amended at any time by Body’s Emotion by announcement in classes or on its website. We believe in being professional and will not call out students about payments in classes or in front of other students, in that regard, if you miss the date of your payment and continue to attend classes, you will be charged the a la carte price until you make your membership payment. If you have an outstanding balance of classes, you will not be able to attend classes or buy any membership until you have settled your bill or have made arrangements with Body's Emotion staff.

The price you are charged for the membership is based on the amount of private lessons you take per month. If you do not honor the amount of private lessons that warranted your discount, you will be charged the difference on the following month’s payment. It is the responsibility of the student to make up canceled lessons, within the span of the month, in order to avoid losing the discount.

Class Punch Cards
There will be a sign-in sheet for all classes and you can only attend the class after you sign in for the class. These records will be saved and counted in order to keep up to date on all class punch cards. You are required to purchase your next punch card on the day of your last class, if you are planning on continuing with classes, unless you make prior arrangements with Body's Emotion management.

Pirating Clause
Here at Body's Emotion we believe in promoting other dance events, and even support different dance specialists around town because we believe in supporting the Albuquerque dance scene; however, we are a working business. Anyone caught promoting any of our competition by convincing others to leave Body's Emotion, or cause us any business loss, while at any of our events or classes, will no longer be welcome and will forfeit all membership, punch card, and private lesson payments stored with us.

We accept all forms of payment.

The will be a 3.5% charge added to all credit card transactions.