At Body's Emotion we don't teach dances we create dancers. 



​In Albuquerque there are three main types of social dance scenes: Salsa, Country and Argentine Tango. Each of these three require more than just one dance to fully get all the fun and enjoyment that the scene has to offer. By studying more than one dance we are able to find your strengths and use them to really develop the type of dancer that you want to become.


Our bodies will respond to certain dancers easier than others. With the use of  'utility dances', mainly the six major dances, we construct college style programs to not only teach you moves but also help to make you a completely creative dancer. Whether your wish is to be more social and have the confidence and skill to dance with  ​anyone or if you just want to make that special someone happy, we can take you as far or as little as you want to go, enrich your life and create a passion that you can be proud of.