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Personal Training

We believe that fitness should not be a chore but should be woven into your life to make your health part of your lifestyle. Whether you want to work out at home, at the gym, or in nature, we can design a comprehensive workout plan that fits your needs. Through data collection, goal setting, and detailed observation, we can help you reach your desired health pursuits and create habits that will hopefully become life-long. A body in motion stays in motion!

In-Studio Training

In the studio, we aim to assist people in rediscovering the joy and benefits of movement. With our ground-up approach, we aim to help strengthen your balance, mobility, and flexibility by focusing on exercises that utilize calisthenics, kettlebells, training bands, balance beams, and other equipment that teach you how to understand your own body. Our in-house partner Yoga Art Space also offers morning and evening yoga and aerial yoga classes. Visit for more information on yoga offered in the studio. 


Personal Training Pricing

In-Studio Sessions

  • $45 first session

  • $70 a la carte session
  • $220 for 4 sessions
  •  ($55 per session)
  • $250 for 5 sessions 
  • ($50 per session)
  • $270 for 6 sessions
  • ($45 per session)


Eating healthy does not have to be boring. We will help develop a meal plan the foods you already enjoy. Options are the key to a successful diet. From meal plans, to recipes, to education on macros we will equip you with the tools of success to change your eating habits into a delicious healthy habit.

Gym Sessions

Same as above plus fee charged by gym.​

At- Home Sessions

East Side of Albuquerque

West Side of Albuquerque

Solo Workout Plan


Vegan Bowl

Nutrition Pricing

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